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Why msmissy?

The Perfect Hairbrush

Our goal is for everyone to have beautiful hair, now and forever! Msmissy is the best hairbrush for all hair types. Our goal is to ensure that your hair does not only look smooth and shiny, but detangles with a softness and precision that also prevents each strand from breakage. Hair grows between 0.6cm-1.2cm per month, so minimal breakage is important if you are striving for maximum hair growth.

The Msmissy range all comes with wooden handles that have been carefully moulded for that “oh so” perfect grip. That, in combination with high quality boar bristles, makes us the ultimate luxury brush brand suitable for all hair types, with a price range that rivals our competitors.

By brushing your hair with our boar-bristle brush, you ensure that natural oils are distributed along your strands which stimulates hair growth. Additionally, brushing your hair with our Msmissy brush will stimulate blood flow to the scalp which makes hair grow faster.This is the best hairbrush for fine long hair, but also the best hairbrush for extensions and thick hair.

The brush comes in a luxurious box, that can be used for your makeup, creams, jewellery or other things you might have in your home.  We focus on keeping our planet free from plastic!